100 Owners in 100 Days

100in100 is a comprehensive campaign to increase our number of owners, strengthen our volunteer infrastructure and increase our name recognition, simultaneously. 

We are so excited to launch our 100 Owners in 100 Days Campaign. 

Our Goals 

We will increase our number of Owners by the end of the year. We are launching a campaign with both an online and offline strategy. Every day for the next 100 days, starting October 1st we will be posting messages about the importance of cooperatives to educate our community and encourage more people to become owners. We are also organizing a faith leaders campaign to engage recruit 5 churches to become community supporters.  

Our secondary goal is to increase our volunteer capacity. We have considerable goodwill and community support. We want to focus this energy into building a volunteer machine that can help carry our message of cooperative economic development across Raleigh. We are also training new spokespersons and using our meetings as training grounds. 

Finally, we want to increase our visibility. We want to let everyone know in Southeast Raleigh about this important effort so they will not only join to become owners, and also shop at our store.

There are several ways you can help:

  1. Become an Owner if you have not yet joined. An ownership share for Fertile Ground is 100.00. This can be paid in installments. You can join here 
  2. Recruit an early adopter. We need one new member every day. If you are able to join you can choose a day you will join!
  3. Send coop stories to liberayted2018@gmail.com. Each day we are collecting and sharing important cooperative stories. Owners have volunteered to help us. 
  4. Share our information on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and send us positive vibes and talk up our campaign!

Thanks so much for all of your support. We need everyone to make our store a success

In cooperation,

Fertile Ground Food Cooperative


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