2018 Board Elections

It is online voting time for our Fertile Ground Food Cooperative Board members. Member owners who missed the December 1 meeting are eligible to vote online from noon December 15 through noon December 31.

Please note that all eight (8) candidates are eligible to fill Board seats per the ByLaws. Each member owner who did not vote on December 1 is eligible to vote for all eight candidates; therefore, you may vote for all eight candidates. Also, you may vote only once.

If you have questions, please call Fertile Ground at (919) 473-6962 and leave a message.

Thank you for your support. As we move more closely to opening the doors, watch for updates in early 2019 regarding timeline for opening. Remember to join a work group and add your voice, expertise and work for a more expedient opening.

Do you vote to elect Adetoun Oyebade?

Adetoun Oyebade's primary experiences pertinent to Fertile Ground Food Coop are graduate studies and research in the area of Agricultural and Food Economics along with knowledge and skills for the development of economic activities and farm to table policies.

As a vendor, I successfully completed two Summer Community Farmers Market & actively engaged with different stakeholders regarding an urgent need for creating access to sustainable healthy food system in South East Raleigh. FGFC FM Class Facilitator on the topic of ‘Healing our Food system – Diet diversification with tropical food crops’ that educated stakeholders on the challenges to our food system and encouraged a holistic thinking along food value chains. I strongly believe in the saying ‘Charity begins at home’; this the Ideal platform to carry out the necessary work to bring FGFC into fruition for all who have been deprived of the right to access health/affordable food.