What is the Board of Directors’ role and is anyone else involved in getting the co-op started?


The Board of Directors is an elected body responsible for overseeing the affairs of the co-op on behalf of the Owners. The board must act as whole; individual directors have no authority outside of the board meetings, except as delegated by the board as a whole. They have three main responsibilities: To act as trustees on behalf of the members; To ensure sound management of the co-op; To set long-range goals and plan for the co-op’s future. 
Fertile Ground Food Cooperative is also working with Carolina Common Enterprise for technical assistance and support. They are a cooperative consulting company that specializes in helping co-ops get started as well as to provide on-going training to board members and staff.

Additionally, in December 2014 Zulayka Santiago was hired to become FGFC’s Project Manager. Zulayka is a long-time volunteer and former core leadership team member. Have an idea to share? Please send it to [email protected]