We are a group of residents, leaders and visionaries seeking to establish a multi-stakeholder cooperative that increases access to healthy/affordable food and serves as a community/cultural center in Southeast Raleigh.

This will be a triple-bottom line enterprise that values the well-being of the community and the planet as much as it values profit.

We envision FGFC becoming an intergenerational hub for residents to build an alternative economy and foster personal and collective assets. In addition to increasing access to health-conscious affordable food options, this cooperative will host educational programs and cultural events as a vehicle for building customer and membership base.

Residents of Southeast Raleigh and surrounding areas will be proud to patronize a locally and collectively owned enterprise that is contributing to the health and well-being of their community. Southeast Raleigh’s youth will have a hip and conscious gathering space. Not only will they feel welcomed in this inviting space, they are integral part of it.

This community-led endeavor will be a model for cooperatives in our state and will be a strong partner within the broader food justice/social justice movements.



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