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The development of our store will consist of seven major project phases: 1) programming & planning, 2) schematic design, 3) rezoning, 4) design development, 5) construction drawings, 6) bidding and 7) construction! Check out the visual below to learn more about where we are in our project development.

Q: How can I help move our co-op to the next project phase?

A critical factor for our store’s eventual success is the number of supportive member-owners we have. So, one of the best ways to support our project is by encouraging people you know to become a member-owner! Here is a brief snapshot of our member-owner count to date, and the member-owner count we want to reach before we open the store!



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Q: What’s the schematic design phase?

Schematic Design is typically considered to be the first phase of the architectural design process. This is a time where the project design team begins to outline the major elements of project design and building concept, before translating these concepts into detailed floorplans and spatial designs.

Q: What’s the project design team? 

A project’s design team includes the architect firm selected to design the building, along with any subconsultants they may work with (such as engineering consultants who can help survey the property.) 

Fertile Ground’s architect, Andre Johnson Architects (AJA), has created award-winning buildings across North Carolina, and is led by a Southeast Raleigh native who still lives in the community along with his wife and children. Our design team also includes Seven Roots, a worker-owned architecture and design firm that has provided advisory services to dozens of food cooperatives throughout the United States. We believe that working with both AJA and Seven Roots will create a building design that honors the spirit of Southeast Raleigh, and includes the high-quality grocery store elements that our member-owners deserve.

Q: What is Fertile Ground’s role in the schematic design process? 

During the schematic design phase, Fertile Ground has pulled together a group of dedicated member-owners, community leaders, and board members to meet with our architect on a weekly basis. This group is called the Design & Construction Advisory Team, or DCAT. DCAT members are helping to oversee the work of our project’s design team, and make recommendations about which design options will best serve our community.

In addition to the regular work of the DCAT group, our design team has regularly engaged with Fertile Ground’s member-owners and community supporters!! AJA has joined nearly all of our community meetings since December 2022, in order to hear directly from the people about what they’d like to see in their grocery store. AJA has collected detailed feedback from our member-owners on items including site layout, parking choices, building materials, roofing designs, community gathering spaces, and building floorplans. 

If you want to share your vision for the grocery store’s design, please join us at an upcoming community meeting!



On Sunday, April 23, 2023, we gathered with our member owners and community to officially announce the location of our future grocery store and kick off the next phase of the project development! Did you miss the event? No worries! Click the link below to view the full site announcement video:


The site of our future grocery store will be located on Garner Road adjacent to the J.D. Lewis Multipurpose Center and Garner Road Community Center. Check out the map below to view our future location:

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